How to remove the glue correctly during eyelash extensions yourself


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I believe that most of you have encountered this at one time or another during the eyelash extensions process, with problems such as cocking at the root of the extension, small fitting areas or false adhesion. The main reason for this is the irregularity in the removal of the glue. Here’s how to take the correct glue:

1, eyelashes take glue from the middle of the eyelash glue inclination 45 degrees insert, 45 degrees angle out of the glue, the root 2mm into the glue can be.

2, If there is no drop glue at the root of the eyelashes, we graft to the real eyelashes to do a one-off fitting on, this state is the most solid way to take glue.

3, If there are small drops of glue at the root of the eyelashes, we graft onto the real eyelashes and do a slight up and down sliding motion to even out the glue beads, here we need to be careful not to detach from the real eyelashes to slide the glue. This state of taking the glue will not affect the effect of the extensions afterwards.

4. If there are large drops of glue at the root of the eyelashes after the glue has been removed, we can lightly tap on the glue sticker to reduce the size of the drops, and if there are still small drops of glue, we can slide them onto the real eyelashes.

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