About Alieyelash

We are a basic eyelash manufacturer. Previously, we have been engaged in supplying products to domestic Chinese exporters of eyelashes for foreign trade, as well as their incoming sample processing. With the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia (Corona Virus Disease 2019, COVID-19) epidemic in the last two years, which led to a worldwide economic downturn, we thought we would take advantage of this time and decided to set up our own foreign trade department so that we could directly supply the foreign eyelash market needs.
Why did we make this decision?
First, as an eyelash manufacturer, we design and manufacture completely in-house from start to finish.
Secondly, although the price of raw materials has gone up very seriously recently, but our factory price has still not been adjusted. So we also want you to be able to get our products at the lowest price, with no middlemen to earn the difference again.
Third, with our years of experience in the production of eyelashes and foreign trade suppliers in China, we fully believe that the quality of our products can fully meet your needs, so that the quality of the products you buy can be fundamentally guaranteed. No more shifting the blame between product quality and foreign trade companies.

Advantages we are proud of

First, Our factory has more than 50 professional workers, which makes us very competitive in quality control.
Second, If you need custom design or custom packaging, our team of designers will make it according to your requirements. We can also provide OEM and ODM services.
Third, If you don’t need additional designs, just the finished product, we have the inventory to support fast delivery.

Let us help your business grow further

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